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This highly sought after jars have now landed at Nomeda. 
The geometric pattern on these cut glass jars adds a sophisticated touch.
These extremely popular and versatile shape diamond glasses have been a hit for chandlers trading at markets & online.
Lids: No candle is complete without a lid - they seal in the scent and improve your candle's shelf life and transportability.
Our Glass range includes a classic french top lid!
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Royal Mail - 1st Class, 2nd Class and Parcelforce Worldwide express48 deliveries in the UK

Please draw your attention that in some cases it is better to book the even 5 unit of boxes 
( 2 glasses x 5 boxes ) then a single big package ( 10 glasses). 
When ordering containers/glasses you will be offered several options, but do not be surprised if they will come to you no one, and even two, three, four or even five separate boxes, depending upon the total amount you choose and which delivery option.
This table has been compiled to show how we care about us clients and how you can save your money on delivery costs.
Of course, even the delivery costs come bigger, the cheapest way is to buy a bigger amount of 24 or 48 glasses because the glass price is cheaper.

1st Class in the UK will arrive from 1-2 working days.
2nd Class in the UK will arrive from 3-5 working days.
Parcelforce Worldwide express48 will arrive within 2 working days.
Standard ( Europe ) - Parcelforce Worldwide global priority usual takes up to 5-7 working days.
Standard ( Rest of the world ) - it depends on the country and for the delivery prices, please contact us at

             Size                 Weight1st Class in UK2nd Class in UKParcelforce in the UK
Worldwide express48

Standard (Europe)
(Tracked )
  (Rest of the   world)

2 glasses 
1 small box )
0-1 kg£5.60£2.95£12.14£7.19£13.50contact with us to
4 glasses  1 med. box 
or ( 2 small separate boxes )
1-2 kg

£5.60 x 2=
£2.95 x 2= £5.90
£13.13£7.19£22.70contact with us to

6 glasses 1 med. box
or ( 3 small separate boxes )
2-3 kg£22.00
£5.60 x 3= £16.80
£2.95 x 3= £8.85
£16.50£7.19£72.11contact with us to

8 glasses 1 big box
or ( 4 small separate boxes )
£5.60 x 4= £22.40
£2.95 x 4= £11.80
£16.55£7.19£81.23contact with us to
10 glasses 1 big box
or ( 5 small separate boxes )
4-5 kg£31.00
£5.60 x 5= £28.00
£2.95 x 5= £14.75
£16.55£7.19£90.35contact with us to
24 glasses 1 big box13 kg£33.50£28.65£23.29£11.37£97.55contact with us to
48 glasses 1 big box26 kg--£43.93£29.48 - 1 box
13kg x 2 boxes
(24 glasses x 2boxes)
= 26kg
DPD( £11.37 x2= £22.74 )
£138.35contact with us to
*  * Best offer 

glass candle holders wholesale uk, wholesale glass candle holders

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Candles Containers, glass candle holders wholesale uk