Decorative Candles Course

Decorative Candles Course

We offer you a Course of Decorative Candles conducted by Designer and  'Master of Decorative Candles'.
This course is targeted at people who are new to the craft and for experienced candle makers who want to learn
a new skill or technique or even
have decided to open a small business or a candle factory. 
What is the primary objective? It is to learn this hard and mysterious craft.
To learn to decorative candles like an expert you yourself need a minimum one year of practice. 
Therefore we would like to share our experience and skills with other interested individuals.
A special express course was created for decorative candles for those with the limited time frame. 
This course is designed for a one on one interactive training session or a small groups.

What will you learn in that Course: 

1. Technology of manufacturing of decorative candle : 

•Health and Safety instructions;
•Selection of candle equipment; 
• Selection of candle molds; 
• Preparation technology of the wick; 
• The composition and proportions of the material; 
• Correct choice of melting and pouring temperature range;
•Selection of colour range and proportions;
•Selection of Fragrance range and proportions;
•Special features, secrets, and prevention of mistakes;

 2. Candle labelling and packing:  
  Labelling choice for candles; 
• Packing choice for candles.

 3. Suppliers

• We will provide you the best suppliers;
When you will complete the course you will receive the best suppliers list to easier  start your business. 

During the course duration each student can make from 5-7 different kinds of candles, which couple of them he/she can take home.
Training takes place in the candles making studio. All the equipment, tools,materials, dyes, fragrances, apron and etc. are provided by the instructor.
 After completing the course you shall have a chance to buy professional candle making equipment and all the necessary materials
 for candle making at the discount prices. 


The Course takes 2.5 - 3 hours , from 10am - (12.30 -13)pm.

After completing the course you shall have be receiving a Certificate " Master of Decorative Candles".

If you will have any more questions, do not hesitate to ask please. Just contact with us by e-mail to

Best of luck and inspiration with your creativity !

Student Jancy Romeson from India Review:

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Decorative Candles Course

Decorative Candles Course

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Decorative Candles Course