How it’s Made Hand Carved Nomeda Luxury Candles

Hand Carved Candles are unique as they radiate the light from inside, illuminating every carved ornament and petal. The decor from these candles doesn’t require additional decorations, like stones or ribbons, as the candle itself is a unique fantasy of the creator, embodied into life.

Masters of Nomeda foster their skills with every candle they create. Professional masters of Carved Candles are ready to open the secret of the hand carved candle creation to you. 
Wax base

Carved Candles take their origin from special wax for carved candles. The best way is to mix wax with stearin, then burning of the candle will be more consistent and bright. For the base, six-corner white candle is used. The tip of the candle, the wick specifically, is tied to ametal hook, which holds the candle during dipping.

Candles dipping and soaking

Carved Candles are made by dipping the base of the candle into wax of different colours. It is important to hold a specific temperature of the waxbase. Constant stirring of the wax is necessary to avoid hardening.
Dipping the candle in to the different  colours of wax. After every dipping soaking  candle in to the water to fixed the wax.


                                                   Making Candle Carved 

Carving ornaments and creating dimensional works  is the most complex stage of carved candle creation. We have to be sure to decorate the candle, before the paraffin gets cold, or all of efforts can be waste of time.  Paraffin hardens in 10 min. This time is enough for making a candle.

The final step

After the ornaments , the candle should be dipped into cold water, later into a special polish- glaze  substance that would give the item its shine.
The originality of the creation deserves the attention and the patience of the creator.


Every candle is unique and made with Love!