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Welcome to our NOMEDA website that opens for you a door to the magical world of Luxury designer Candles .We have established in 2013, based in London,UK.
We are proud to offer you our collection of unique handmade candles, which are all made by "Master of Carved Candles" and hight quality material.
We have created a wide range of styles, colours and patterns to satisfy any  taste. Our unique and elegant styled luxury carved, decorative and scented candles are a dream for any home and can be customised and personalised to your equirements, leaving a lasting impression on you or your loved ones. Many of our Customers commented that our candles have been a source of discussion during dinner or office parties, weddings or restaurants.
If we celebrate something, want to have a romantic night or just a small rest after the every day running, we light a candle.
The light of the candle gives peace, warmth to our life and cozy in our house.
Numerous patrons and Customers of "Nomeda" are varied: restaurants, bars, hotels, souvenir and gift shops, coordinators for wedding and festivity arrangements, designers studios, etc.

Our Carved, Decorative and Scented Candles are perfect for home decor and gift-giving!
Every candle is Unique!

With Love
Nomeda Team


Burning, Care and Cleaning Instruction!

Burning Instruction for Scented and Decorative Candles

1. In order to get the most out of your candle, burn it until the entire surface of the candle melts.
2. To preserve the fragrance, do not burn your candle for more than 3 hours at a time during the first third of the candle 1 to 2 hours at a time during the remaining.
3. Should the wick require centring, gently readjust to correct position when the wax is still molten. Allow candle to solidify before relighting.
4. Should any black smoke appear, trim the wick. It should be clean and no longer than 5 mm at all times.
5. Always protect the table or surface on which the candle rests (with a coaster or plate, for example).
6. Do not leave candle burning unattended. Do not set in a draft. Keep away from children, curtains and pets.

Burning instruction for Carved Candles

Trim wick to 6-7 mm before lighting. Keep candle free of any foreign materials including matches and wick trimmings. Only burn the candle on a level fire resistant surface. Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time.
To prevent fire and serious injury. Burn candle within sight. Keep away from drafts and vibrations. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never burn candle on or near anything that can catch fire.

Care and Cleaning for Carved Candles

Your candle is made of wax, and will be damaged if dropped or bumped against hard surfaces. Please use care in handling.
A thin layer of acrylic glaze has been added to the outside of your candle to discourage dust from aligning or embedding itself into the surface.
If your candle should ever need dusting, rinse with clear, cold water. Never use harsh detergents on the surface of your candle, as that may damage the glaze. Store candles in a cool place in your home, never in the attic!